Homeowners Associations

What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

A Homeowners Association is a group of homeowners who live within set boundaries, and are MANDATED to pay dues and required to belong to the association. They typically have covenants to enforce and often were established by the developer of the addition.

This is different from a Neighborhood Association which is a voluntary group of citizens who choose to join and choose to pay dues, if and when they are assessed.

Despite their differences, Homeowners and Neighborhood Associations have many common goals. Both groups are concerned with maintaining property values and increasing safety within their neighborhoods, and struggle with many of the same issues.

Neighborhood Alliance hosts a series of workshops for HOAs each year.  Check out our Calendar  and Upcoming Events.

The documents below can be helpful for starting a Homeowners Association in a new or existing development. Click the names to download the documents.

Developer Turnover Checklist — This document describes the steps that should be taken when a developer turns a Homeowners Association over to its members.

Tips On Starting A Homeowners Association

Reserve Studies/Management for HOAs (as referenced at “Legal Issues for HOAs” and “Private Roads Maintenance” Workshops

Other Resources for HOAs

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