Neighborhood Newsletters

Regular communication with neighborhood members is an important function of a neighborhood association. Communication comes in many forms; newsletters, flyers, E-mail lists, neighborhood web-sites etc. Newsletters can help further neighborhood goals by allowing neighbors a chance to read/talk at their leisure about the news from within your boundaries.

Creating A Newsletter

Neighborhood newsletters come in all sizes and shapes. They can be monthly, quarterly or even semi-annual, it all depends on your association’s needs. They do not have to be fancy, just fun to read. Each newsletter is unique, and should be informative and up-beat.

If there is such a thing as a typical newsletter, it usually has …

  • A column from the President
  • Upcoming events for your neighborhood
  • News from the city of OKC (if any)
  • Account balance or Treasurer’s report
  • Highlights from the block captains
  • Welcome to new members or new neighbors
  • Congratulations to residents for births, new babies, graduations, new jobs, etc.
  • Neighborhood Crime Stats report that comes from Neighborhood Alliance
  • Additional information from the informational insert mailed out with each month’s crime reports and available online at or articles pulled from the City of OKC website, see Articles for your Neighborhood Newsletter
  • See Resources Tab for content for your newsletter as well as our news page for more timely items

Newsletter as a Fundraiser

Many neighborhoods sell advertising space in their newsletter as a revenue source for their association. Realtors, local businesses, day care providers, veterinarians, coffee shops, etc. are good places to ask if they would like to advertise to a very local group of potential customers. Usually a business card size ad will run anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 per month depending on how many homes your newsletter reaches.

Do Not Use Your Newsletter To …

  • Bully people into complying with the covenants or rules by listing names and addresses of people who have not paid their annual dues. This could be used against the neighborhood association in a court of law.
  • Lobby or advocate for a particular political point of view, not even as a privately written “letter to the editor” type of article. Your newsletter should be neutral on political issues.
  • Support a specific person for a political office. You can advertise the dates of upcoming elections and list all the candidates, but you should not endorse a specific candidate. Be careful when accepting paid advertising from a political candidate for your newsletter. This can be construed as an endorsement and could cause some to complain.

Production and Distribution

A few things to note when developing a Neighborhood Newsletter:


Community Action Agency will print your neighborhood newsletter for FREE! Just call them at (405) 232-0199 ext.1412 and ask for the print shop. There are strict deadlines for delivery and pickup, as well as maximum pages so ask about those when you call. For specific printing procedures from Community Action Agency, view their website click here.


There are many ways you can deliver your neighborhood newsletters:

  • Door to DoorEnlist the help of a neighborhood youth group, boy scout troop, 6th grade class, church youth group, etc. to deliver your newsletters. Offer to give a donation to their organization for this effort. Have your block captains deliver the newsletters to the residents on their block.
  • MailingYou can mail the newsletters to all your residents using regular US Postal Service. This route assures every resident receives a copy but can be cost prohibitive for large associations.
  • Mailing Lists for your NewsletterDon’t forget there are people outside of your neighborhood that are very interested in what is happening there, so please include the following people in your mailing list:
    Neighborhood Alliance
    1236 NW 36th St.
    OKC, OK 73118
    Action Center
    C/O Beth Crounse
    200 N. Walker
    OKC, OK 73102
    Your City Council Person
    C/O City Hall
    200 N. Walker
    OKC, OK 73102
    City of OKC City Manager
    420 W. Main, 3rd Floor
    OKC, OK 73102
    City of OKC Planning Department
    c/o Shannon Entz
    420 W. Main
    OKC, OK 73102
    Local Newspapers:
    Carrie Coppernoll
    Neighborhood Reporter
    C/O The Oklahoman
    P.O. Box 25125
    OKC, OK 73125-0125John Williams – Edmond
    Tami Althoff – Norman
    The City Sentinel
    Attn: Publisher
    P.O. Box 60876
    OKC, OK 73146
    Oklahoma City Gazette
    3701 N. Shartel
    OKC, OK 73118
    Black Chronicle
    1457 NE 23rd St.
    OKC, OK 73111
    Oklahoma City Friday
    P.O. Box 20340
    OKC, OK 73156
    Community Police Relations Officer
    (Choose the area nearest to you)Hefner Division
    3924 NW 122nd St.
    OKC, OK 73120Santa Fe Division
    9000 S. Santa Fe
    OKC OK 73139Springlake Division
    4116 N. Prospect
    OKC, OK 73111Will Rogers Division
    3112 N. Grand Blvd.
    OKC, OK 73112
    Your Local Fire Station

Sample Newsletters

Below are a few sample newsletters from actual neighborhoods. Click the newsletter name to view or download the newsletter.

Windsor Oaks “The Talking Leaves”

Remington HOA “Remington Report”