For more information on any of our programs, please contact us.

Neighborhood Organizing Assistance

Neighborhood organizing and reorganizing assistance on-going or as-needed. Officer Training to help associations with the ongoing turnover in neighborhood boards.

Crime Prevention Programs

Crime prevention assistance is provided through the distribution of weekly neighborhood specific crime statistics, information on basic home security, assistance in organizing a neighborhood crime watch program and/or a citizen’s volunteer crime patrol. Neighborhood Alliance works closely with the OKC Police department to train neighborhoods in crime prevention methods.

Neighborhood Leaders for Today

A seven week workshop is conducted annually to train individuals in effective neighborhood organization and impart other ideas and techniques for successful leadership.


Periodic newsletters on pertinent topics for neighborhood development and monthly mailings to all neighborhoods help keep them informed of activities and decisions that affect neighborhoods.

Grant writing assistance

Information on various grants to help neighborhoods achieve specific goals is made available as well as assistance in applying for grants.

Neighbors Night Out

Studies support the notion that a social neighborhood is a safer neighborhood, so throw a party and celebrate! NNO events can range from a porch light vigil or flashlight walk to a catered picnic. Be sure to register with Neighborhood Alliance so that your event is published with the master list, distributed to OCPD, OCFD and city council. Registration Packets will be available on our website every summer. All neighborhoods are encouraged to hold a social, visible activity aimed at alerting criminals that they are not welcome in our neighborhoods. Active neighborhoods have less crime.


Our famous “How To” series includes city-wide sessions on Creating Newsletters, Understanding Code Enforcement, Navigating City Hall, Legal Issues for Home Owners Associations, and much more. Check the home page of our website for upcoming events or see a printable version of our calendar click here.