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  • CGN 2015

    Help your Neighborhood win up to $2,500!

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  • Squeeze Every Drop
  • GNAB 2016
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Create Great Neighborhoods

The Create Great Neighborhoods program is a partnership between OG&E and Neighborhood Alliance to promote education and awareness of energy efficiency and other sustainable living practices. Neighborhoods participating can win up to a $2500 Positive Energy Award. 

Crime Reports

Crime statistics are generated weekly by the Oklahoma City Police Department for neighborhoods served by OCPD and registered with Neighborhood Alliance. Each weekly report includes all neighborhoods listed alphabetically within the report.

Good Neighbor Awards

Join us for the 10th Annual Good Neighbor Awards Banquet Thursday, November 10th, 2016. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Featured Partners & Sponsors

The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe, attractive and healthy neighborhoods throughout Central Oklahoma by working with neighborhoods and government officials to have a community in which we are all proud to live and work.

Recent News

Top Five from NACOK – June 17, 2016

Summer is a great time to host a neighborhood event.  This week we want to share a few ideas for games and activities for your neighborhood. The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe,...

Top Five from NACOK – June 10, 2016

The neighborhood kids are on summer break, the sun is out, and your friends at Neighborhood Alliance have a few ideas for things to do in your community this summer. Spend time in your Garden Our friends at OKC Beautiful...

Recycle Mercury Thermostats

Mercury is a heavy metal that represents a threat to human health and the environment when released into the environment. An average wall thermostat contains 4 grams of mercury, the equivalent of 800 compact fluorescent lights. Preventing toxics like mercury...