Sprinkler System Checkup Program Available

Does your neighborhood association manage an irrigated common area? The Oklahoma City Water Conservation Program is offering free sprinkler system checkups for neighborhood associations. The program will find ways to improve the efficiency of common area sprinkler systems and help neighborhood associations find the right irrigation schedule for their site.

Neighborhood associations who participate in the program receive the following:

  • Visual inspection of each sprinkler zone to identify problems
  • Water pressure check for high or low pressure
  • List of necessary repairs
  • Written evaluation of the irrigation system’s performance
  • An irrigation controller schedule for each month
  • Practical advice with water-saving recommendations

Neighborhood association participants should arrange for an association member and the landscape management company to be on site during the assessment.  To schedule a checkup for your neighborhood association’s irrigation system, send an email to, or call 297-2920.

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