Preventing Daytime Burglaries

Daytime residential burglaries continue to be a significant problem. There have been over 4,200 reported forced entry and unauthorized entry residential burglaries in Oklahoma City this year.

Although burglary can occur at anytime, most of the incidents occurred when the occupant was away on a weekday between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Although burglars utilize a variety of methods to gain entry into homes, the most common method is to simply kick in the front door. Many burglars will first knock or ring the doorbell to determine if the residence is occupied at the moment. Most burglars prefer to hit locations that are not occupied at the time.

Here are a few suggestions that may deter burglars from selecting your residence for a burglary.

  • Always utilize high security deadbolt strike plates on all of your exterior doors.
  • Utilize security storm doors.
  • Never leave a window open when you are away.
  • Make it seem as if someone is home by leaving a TV or radio on.
  • Keep handbills, newspapers and delivered items cleared off of your front porch.
  • Keep fence gates closed and locked.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed when you are away.
  • Utilize a burglar alarm with loud exterior sounder and post the alarm company decals on your doors and windows.
  • Display OKC alarm permit on your front door.
  • Keep landscaping trimmed so it does not obscure your windows or doors from the street or your neighbors view.
  • Be thoughtful about what you post on social media sites that tell others that you are away from home.
  • Provide trusted neighbors with your emergency contact information.
  • Encourage neighbors who are at home during the day to watch for and report suspicious activity to 9-1-1 as soon as possible.


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