PCR Tips – Be aware and Recognize Suspicious Behavior

A word from one of our PCR officers: MSgt Steven Brackeen,  Santa Fe Division

If you see any of the following, call 911, stay at a safe distance and let the police investigate the situation.Brackeen

  • A person parking their vehicle in an unusual place, like a public park or in front of a school, for an extended period of time.
  • A person, whether in a vehicle or not, alone and taking pictures or video of people in a public or private place, especially if there are a lot of children in the area.
  • A person in a vehicle who slows down and seems to be watching others in the area and continues to drive by the area repeatedly.
  • A person who appears to be paranoid or making strange and sudden movements for no apparent reason. This person could be having some mental illness issues.
  • A person in a parking lot who is moving from car to car, looking inside or trying to open the doors.
  • A person in a neighborhood, moving from house to house, peeking inside or trying to open doors.
  • A person running for no apparent reason or acting as if they are being chased.

This is in no way a complete list of suspicious behavior; this list is just a way to remind you that if you think something is wrong it probably is. Remember the Police don’t mind responding to a situation to make sure everything is fine. Help us keep you and your family safe by reporting suspicious behavior. Thank you!

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