Our Business Neighbors

Among the 400+ neighborhoods we serve at Neighborhood Alliance are some coalitions and business districts. These associations are vital to the growth and maturation of Oklahoma City as they help foster vibrant commercial areas and destination neighborhoods. We’d like to highlight a couple of these coalitions that are poised for greatness.

547074_516028028423672_1223262436_n[1]One group doing some great work in urban OKC is Friends of NW Tenth Street, a coalition association that supports an area comprising NW 19 St. to Reno and I-44 to County Line Rd. Their annual fundraising Dinner and Auction is coming up September 12, 6:30 pm at Castle Falls, 820 N. MacArthur Blvd, OKC. To Purchase Tickets or Donate Prizes Contact and see the Attached Flyer for details. This great organization, including residents, businesses, property owners, neighborhood associations, public and private organizations, and community agencies are concerned with improving the quality of life for persons living in the area and developing an environment which is supportive to businesses, residents, and organizations located in the area. They strive to to share information and resources, to advocate for community needs, and to organize for community improvement. (Your can also check them out at Friends of NW 10th on Facebook)

Another area that has been really working it is The Windsor District 946260_391571674276175_314030389_n[1]( or “The W” as it’s now known. The Windsor Area Business Group, serving the NW 23rd Street Corridor from I-44 to Bethany, has done an amazing job fostering a collaborative spirit that has brought together retailers, restaurateurs and neighbors/customers. The district is ever-evolving and improving and is embarking on a massive revitalization streetscape that will bring resurfaced roads, sidewalk, crosswalks, landscaped medians and public spaces as well as District Signage to this exciting area.

logo[1]And, of course, the Plaza District, well-established destination neighborhood, is gearing up for its annual Festival on September 28th featuring art, music, food and family fun. The Plaza’s Cinderella-story in renewal is starting to see its “Happy Ever After” with a critical mass of businesses that reflect the unique urban vibe of the District and an undeniable buzz throughout the metro area.

And that’s just a small portion of the growing number of Business Districts we call neighbors! Watch this space for more info about OKC Neighborhoods!





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