Make Yourself and Your Home Safer!

A word from PCR Officer, MSgt Steven Brackeen, OCPD Santa Fe Division

External Doors:

Each door should be equipped with a good quality deadbolt lock. Keep your doors locked at all times when not in use. If you keep your door open lock


your storm door. Install peepholes in all exterior doors. Never open your door to anyone that you do not know, speak through the door.


All windows should be kept locked at all times. Be sure the curtains and shades are drawn at night and when you are not at home.

 Exterior Lighting

Lighting of the exterior of your home is one of the best deterrents available. Keep all exterior lighting on after dark. All exterior door locations should be well lit.

While Outside Your Home:

Secure your home the same way that you would as if you were going across town. While outside your home, be aware of suspicious vehicles or persons who may be in your neighborhood. Do not hesitate to call 911 so the Police can investigate the situation.

Garage Doors:

Keep your garage door down and locked when not in use. Upon arriving at home stay inside your vehicle with the doors locked until your garage door has closed.

Your Personal Property:

Take time to inventory all of your valuable personal property.  List all make, model and serial numbers. If the property does not have a serial number take photographs of it.

Remember: The intruder depends on two things in order to be successful – opportunity and secrecy.  Don’t give him either!


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