Hard Target Your Home

A word from PCR officer MSgt Michael Loruse, Will Rogers Division

Making your home a hard target can make criminals pick another target, or if you are home and they break in, the noise will alert you to call 911 or give you time to defend yourself.Loruse

Check Your Door First: Inspect your door before adding any new locks.  Make sure your door is hung properly and not missing any screws in the hinges.  The hinges should be on the inside and not the outside of your house or apartment.  If your door frame is hollow replace it with a solid frame.  Police routinely see doors kicked in on a burglary where the whole frame was off and the lock stayed in place.

Doors and Door Locks: All exterior doors should be either metal or solid core wood (1-3/4″ thick).  Use a dead bolt lock with a one-inch throw bolt or a heavy duty drop bolt lock. Install a stronger metal strike plate with 3-inch screws. Dual cylinder locks (a lock that has a key in both sides) can trap you in your house during a fire or a while making a tactical retreat from your house.

Sliding Glass Doors: Locks can be installed in the sliding door track. A cut a broomstick handle or object that will fit with only an inch play can be put in the track. Install a pin lock for the track with several holes that will allow the door to be opened slightly for outdoor air. Install patio door bars (commonly called a ‘Charlie’ bar).

Outdoor motion detection security lights: Outdoor motion detection security lights on the outside of your home are better than lights on all the time. Leaving lights on all night can be ignored by you and neighbors as a subject approaches your house. Sudden lights that come on can startle a subject, and draw attention to you or your neighbors that someone has just approached your house. It is more likely that you and neighbors will look to see what triggered the light.  I recently bought a motion lights for my house that are battery operated so I can put them where I want without an electrician.

Windows: Although most windows have a window lock, two locks are better and make it more difficult and noise for the bad guy to break in. Planting a thorny bush located outside of first floor windows will be a deterrent to a criminal.

Surveillance Detection:  Surveillance is an observation of a place or person to gain information about that place or person.  Most offenders will gather intelligence on a potential victim by watching a neighborhood, house and person.  Surveillance detection is simply watching for who is watching you and others.  If an offender sees you have noticed them, it then becomes risky for them to carry out the crime.  If you see a person and they look suspicious, call 911 and articulate why they are suspicious and out of place.  It is true crime prevention when an officer can check for a suspicious person, car and act before it becomes an emergent crime.


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