Did someone say “Neighborhood Grants”?

Announcing the Positive Energy® Awards!

Awards in the amount of $2500, $1500, and $1000 will be granted to communities that show they are GREAT Neighborhoods.


How to qualify for the grant:

STEP 1: CLICK ON THE COMMIT BUTTON at to make your commitment by July 22 to being a GREAT Neighborhood. This will let us know you intend to participate and will put you on the program mailing list that will provide special tips and opportunities throughout the summer to strengthen your neighborhood’s application for the Positive Energy® Award.

STEP 2: LEAD THE CHARGE AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS toward becoming a GREAT Neighborhood by acting as an energy efficiency advocate to your neighbors.

STEP 3: APPLY FOR YOUR AWARD OF UP TO $2,500 by filling out our online form, illustrating what your neighborhood has accomplished!  Show us copies of articles and give us stories of how well this worked in your neighborhood and submit by the deadline of October 1, 2014. 

AWARD WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON NOVEMBER 6, 2014 at the Good Neighbor Awards Banquet. Three neighborhoods that show exceptional effort in trying to make their neighborhood a more sustainable, energy efficient, resource productive place to live will be awarded a Positive Energy® Grant to use any way they like to benefit their neighborhood. Grant amounts will be $2500, $1500 and $1000.

Learn more at

After you sign up come back and check out our Resources and FAQ pages

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