Neighborhood Signs

Ordering Crime Watch or Other Neighborhood Signs

Neighborhood Signs

Ordering Crime Watch Signs

Once you have the official Crime Watch or Crime Patrol training, you are eligible to order and install your very own Neighborhood Watch signage.  There are many local sign companies that will make these for you.  The prices vary widely so go to the internet or the Yellow Pages and start comparing.

You can use a stock design or design a friendlier version for your neighborhood.   You could design one with your Neighborhood logo or name, and say “Black Acre Neighborhood says Welcome:  We are a crime watch neighborhood”

One place not listed in the yellow pages is OCI, Oklahoma Correctional Industries; they consist of the prison work-force.  They make good quality signs but they will not sell to individuals, you must be a neighborhood or HOA in order to purchase their signs.  They have some designs in stock or you can send graphics for your own design.   OCI and other sign companies also make the magnetic signs that go on the patrollers’ cars, and decals that some neighborhoods want to appear on every person’s front door.  Shop around for your best price.

Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI) can be reached at 1-800-522-3565 or

Sign Specifics: 

  • Signs must be metal
  • They cannot be larger than 4sq. ft.
  • You can design anything for your neighborhood sign; you do not have to use one of the stock signs.
  • You are responsible for installing the signs yourself (see Installation Tips)
  • Ask your sign company to drill the holes where needed for installation
  • Signs should be installed on Breakaway Poles (see more info on poles below)
  • For best visibility, City of OKC recommends the signs be 7ft. off the ground measured from the ground to the bottom of the sign


  • You must get a revocable permit in order to install these signs in your neighborhood.  You can put all your sign locations on one permit application and just pay one fee.  You will apply for and get the permit from the City of OKC Development Services, 297-2459.
  • If you plan on attaching any of the signs to existing sign poles, you must obtain permission from the Chief Traffic Engineer at the City of OKC.  You can reach them at (405) 297-2532 or 
  • Before you dig, be sure and Call Okie to make sure there aren’t any underground cables.  (405) 840-5032

Other Signage for Your Neighborhood  

  • “Watch for Children Playing” Signs
    • Your neighborhood is responsible for purchasing these signs BUT the City of OKC will install them for you.
    • You can purchase the “Watch for Children Playing” signs from OCI, Oklahoma Correctional Industries at 1-800-522-3565 or research and find your own sign fabricator
    • Contact City of OKC Traffic and Lighting Department to get detailed sign specifications and/or to arrange installation.  (405) 297-2532 or

Identity Signage or Banners on Light Poles

There are many rules and requirements regarding signage on light poles, so please contact the persons below BEFORE you start your project.  Some banners are dangerous for light poles in that the banners act like sails and over several windy seasons can endanger the integrity of the pole, causing a safety hazard.

  • You must gain permission from both OGE and City of OKC in order to hang anything from a public utility pole.
  • If there are no banner brackets on the pole, you are responsible for purchasing them.  Sign companies can refer you to some retailers, or you can use Pelco Products, located in Edmond.  (405) 3403434 or email
  • OGE and ask for the application which is called a “Pole Attachment Data Sheet.”  Gary Copeland at (405) 553-5753 or
  • Contact City of OKC Traffic and Lighting Department:  Stuart Chai, Chief Traffic Engineer, (405) 297-2532 or

Tips on Installing Metal Signage

If you plan on installing your signs on existing poles that belong to the City of OKC you must get permission from the OKC Traffic and Lighting Department first.   Typically, for safety reasons they will not allow any identity or crime watch signs to be installed on an existing traffic  directional sign (Stop sign, Yield sign, One Way sign, etc.)


  • Unless it is a “Children Playing” sign you will be responsible for providing your own poles.
  • Breakaway Poles are recommended.  You can purchase these sign poles at two locations in OKC

1.)  Action Safety Supplies (405) 787-2244

2.)  Roadsafe Traffic Systems (405) 232-3414

  • They also sell “sleeves” or “caps” for these poles.  These go in the ground first to hold the pole in place and are highly recommended.
  • For best visibility, City of OKC recommends the signs be 7 feet off the ground measured from the ground to the bottom of the sign

Plan the placement of the signs

  • Signs cannot impede the line of sight for traffic.
  • For your permit you will need to provide a Site Map.  A map of your neighborhood with all your sign placements outlined and identified by using a legend.

Get Written Permission from the Property Owner

  • If the sign is to be placed on private property, even the easement of private property, be a good neighbor and gain written permission for the property owner.
  • Always call OKIE to check for underground cables and hazards

Who Installs?

Most neighborhoods install their own signs.
You can hire a professional, but that can double your sign project costs.