Crime Watch & Volunteer Crime Patrol

Neighborhood Alliance and the Oklahoma City Police Department want to help you create a safe place for you and your neighbors to live. Contact our office at (405) 528-6322 if you are interested in starting a Crime Watch or a Volunteer Crime Patrol program in your neighborhood.

It takes concerned citizens to start a Crime Watch or Patrol program, but we will help you get it organized.

There are two types of citizen crime prevention training available:

ID_Card1. Crime Watch:
Neighborhood Alliance will come to your neighborhood and train you and your neighbors how to watch out for each other. Things to look for, how to report and where to report are all covered. Neighbors in attendance commit to watching out for the neighbors on each side of them and the two houses in the front of them.
Crime Watch is a very effective tool in cutting crime and criminal behavior in a neighborhood. It creates trust among neighbors and gets neighbors actively involved with their community. Call Neighborhood Alliance to ask about a crime watch training for your neighborhood.
2. Volunteer Crime Patrol:
The ultimate step toward neighborhood safety! With Volunteer Crime patrol Neighborhood Alliance and the OKC Police Department train your neighborhood how to operate a successful Crime Watch program.After training, volunteers will be able to drive around and “patrol” the neighborhood looking for suspicious activity, acting as the eyes and the ears of the local police department, and creating an extra barrier of supervision for your community.Each patrolling team consists of two people who sign up for 2-hour shifts. Patrol team members must be trained by the OKC Police Department prior to going on duty. A neighborhood must have a minimum of 30 volunteer patrollers willing to be trained before the OKC Police Department can sanction the Neighborhood Patrol.With 30 patrollers, each team would only have to do two, 2-hour shifts a month! Even a few hours patrolling a week can make a huge difference in reducing criminal behavior in your neighborhood.

Call (405) 528-6322 today to organize your crime prevention workshop!