Be a Positive Energy Partner and Sign Up for OG&E’s Home Wind Power


As sponsor for Create Great Neighborhoods, OG&E has a variety of ways customers can be more environmentally-conscious; one of those ways is through residential wind power, opting to have a portion of their energy use provided by renewal wind energy. You can read more about it and keep in mind that wind power sign-ups would be a great addition to any Create Great Neighborhoods application:

Since September of 2003, OG&E has offered renewable, efficient wind power as a forward-thinking energy alternative – and an environmental ally. In fact, purchasing as little as 1,000 kWh of wind power per month for one year is equivalent to removing nine tons of emissions from the air.

With the help of thousands of customers like you, OG&E Wind Power continues to grow. Soon, nearly 10% of our generation will come from renewable Oklahoma wind – we’re closing in on enough wind power to serve over 100,000 homes. And wind power is an important part of OG&E’s diverse portfolio, helping to balance the needs of 2 million customers. But, if the wind isn’t blowing, OG&E’s coal and natural gas power plants make sure we never miss a beat. Having a balanced electricity generation mix of coal, natural gas and wind assures reliability for each of our customers.

By making renewable energy an important part of Oklahoma’s economy and energy portfolio, OG&E’s investment in wind power works hard for this state. It not only helps keep our environment clean, but also creates jobs and much-needed tax revenues for communities and schools.

Best of all, the cost to support this wind power program is low – just a few extra bucks a month on your bill (your charge will vary based upon your actual consumption and your account history). But the rewards are many, as we work together to make a greener, cleaner future a reality.

Level Percent Of Annual kWh Usage: REC Price per kWh
A 25% $0.0045 per kWh
B 50% $0.0040 per kWh
C 100% $0.0035 per kWh

For example, if a typical OG&E homeowner uses about 12,000 kWh a year, their wind power charges would be:

Level Subscription Monthly Charge
A-25% 3,000 kWh $1.13 per month
B-50% 6,000 kWh $2.00 per month
C-100% 12,000 kWh $3.50 per month

Learn More About Affordable, Renewable Wind Power from OG&E

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly wind power is a wind-win for everyone. Find out more at or contact an OG&E specialist at 1-800-272-9741. Or you can email OG&E Customer Service Department. If contacting via email, be sure to include your name, address, phone number, email address and the level of wind power you need.

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