Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a way to set up short term and long term goals for your association. It is important to get as many people’s opinions as possible to get a good feel for your future needs.

Goal planning is the hallmark of most successful businesses. You must know where you are going; otherwise; how do you know when you have arrived?

There are several ways to begin the good strategic planning process:

  • Divide your neighborhood into quadrants and assign each a set of identical questions to be answered. Each quadrant should meet independently, answer the questions, and then gather their responses for a unified report. Use these responses to identify short term and long term goals.
  • Develop a questionnaire and deliver it to each home. State where and when the questionnaires are to be returned. Once the questionnaires have been gathered, the Strategic Planning Committee reviews the answers and compiles a list of goals.

Strategic planning should answer questions such as:

  • What is the purpose or mission of this neighborhood? Why does it exist?
  • What vision does the neighborhood have about what it might become in the future? Include social, safety and beautification subcategories.
  • What services does the neighborhood association provide?
  • What services should the neighborhood association provide in the future?
  • Who benefits from these services?
  • How might this clientele change in the future?
  • How might the organization respond to these changes?
  • Given the surrounding environmental conditions and current capability of the neighborhood association, where should it concentrate efforts and resources to carry out its vision of the future?
  • What performance measures will be used to track implementation of these priorities?
  • What efforts will be made to revise the neighborhood association’s priorities as conditions change?
  • How do you feel your association has been the most effective over the last year?
  • How has it been the most ineffective?
  • How might we raise the financial resources to accomplish our goals?

For more information on Strategic Planning, contact Neighborhood Alliance.