New Leadership

When New Leadership is Elected

New officers, including officers of the Executive Committee, Leadership Committee or Board of Directors need to make sure the following things are done:

  • update_button2Contact Neighborhood Alliance, Inc. at (405) 528-6322 and let the Alliance know the names of the new officers. This is a vital step for our records and will insure your association will be getting all the up-to-date information you need to be successful.
  • Call a meeting of the new leadership to read and review the by-laws of the organization. Prepare any changes that the new committee would like to make and put it on the agenda for a membership vote at the next meeting.
  • Change signature card information at the bank. Failure to do so can delay association business.
  • Change officer information on the Articles of Incorporation at the Secretary of State’s Office, if applicable.
  • Audit the financial account. Insure the officers are aware of how the organization’s money can and cannot be used. This should be done even if you trust the former treasurer with your life. It helps the leadership know what money is coming in, going out and how the organization’s money is being used. It will also help the leadership understand when money is needed and for what events.
  • Oversee that all records are turned over to the new or appropriate officers.
  • Meet and choose goals or a project for the Association to accomplish for the year.
  • Contact Neighborhood Alliance at (405) 528-6322 and attend a new officers training. This is offered on the first Monday of each month. Call to reserve your seat, as soon as you know you will be attending.