Neighborhood Sign Topper Program

Military Park Sign Topper

The purpose of the Neighborhood/District Identification Street Marker Sign Topper program is to
establish design requirements for neighborhoods and/or districts identification sign toppers and an
application and permit fee process for parties seeking to have sign toppers installed above City
maintained street marker assemblies that are installed within the public right-of-way


Program applicants requesting to designate an area by the use of street sign toppers are responsible for
identifying their neighborhood and/or district boundaries. The designation of an area is the first step in
the process and needs to be completed well before making the initial sign topper application with the
City. Sign topper applicants must confer with the residents of the designated area through a public
consultation process and must be able to demonstrate consensus amongst all involved/affected.

Program applicants must furnish a map of the area to be designated using sign toppers. The map needs
to show neighborhood/district boundaries and significant features or subdivision boundaries need to be
clearly illustrated on the map. Neighborhood/district boundaries need to reflect at least one of the
following conditions: an area of unique architecture or historic significance; a commercial district; a
ceremonial purpose (such as a parade route, festival area, major sporting event course, etc.); an
established neighborhood whether a specific subdivision or a zoning district covering several additions;
a City identified district.

The names and graphics appearing on sign toppers shall be unique, distinctive and clearly associated to
the area that it is intended to represent. Names should convey a sense of place and community and
should celebrate the distinguishing characteristics of the neighborhood/district. Names should be
understandable, recognizable and explainable to the citizens of the community.

Under the program, applicants are responsible for proposing locations and, if approved, production of
the sign toppers in accordance with the program’s application requirements and payment to the City of
an application and an installation fee on a per sign topper basis. The City will be responsible for the
installation but not the maintenance of sign toppers installed under this program.


Applicants must agree to all terms and conditions of the program and pay all fees associated with the
program prior to installation of the applicant provided sign toppers by the City.

Sign Topper Application and Instructions

Sign Topper Resolution

Sign Topper Criteria and Guidelines

If your Neighborhood Association would like to learn more about this program please call us at 528-6322 and visit with a Community Organizer to get started.