Block Captains

What Are Block Captains?

Block Captains are the backbone of a successful association. They act as the association’s liaison for their immediate neighbors.

To determine boundaries of your blocks, look at an aerial photo of your neighborhood on any online mapping program. Identify how many captains you will need to recruit.

A good way to recruit block captains is to locate the most well-kept home on each block. Approach the resident and tell them you admired their home and their obvious commitment to your shared neighborhood. Tell them you would like for them to be a role model for others on their block and ask if they would be willing to serve as a block captain. Give them a job description and invite them to an informational meeting.

Responsibilities of a Block Captain

  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors on your block.
  • Gather information for the neighborhood directory, current names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Keep track of persons living in each house: their profession, work phone (in case of emergency, medical conditions).
  • Attend general neighborhood meetings.
  • Report to the president of the neighborhood association any block information needing attention by the association.
  • Encourage social activities for your block by asking others to host a get-together.
  • Hold periodic block club meetings to discuss issues relating to your area of the neighborhood.
  • Welcome new neighbors on your block and encourage them to join the association.
  • Identify a willing individual to take your place when your term as block captain is over.
  • Work with code enforcement by alerting neighbors or Association Officers of violations.
  • Make sure all neighbors receive the neighborhood newsletter or other informational flyers.