Fact Sheet

Our Mission:

At Neighborhood Alliance we believe that living in a safe and beautiful neighborhood is a responsibility…not a right.  None of us can complain our way into a better neighborhood.  You have to make a personal effort if you want to live in a great neighborhood, however, just because you have the desire for change does not mean you know how to create that change.  Our mission is to create safe, attractive and healthy neighborhoods for all and for 36 years Neighborhood Alliance has positively affected thousands of citizens’ lives by teaching them how to create their own sustainable change.


OKC Citizens are Creating a Better City…one neighborhood at a time

Unlike in other city’s of our size that have a government agency, the city of Oklahoma City has Neighborhood Alliance that is the sole source of organizational support for over 400 active Neighborhood Associations in Central Oklahoma!

  • 1,260 volunteer neighborhood officers are trained, nurtured and/or mentored annually by Neighborhood Alliance
  • 110,000 households in Central Oklahoma are positively impacted through involvement with their neighborhood association
  • $1.3 million dollars of improvement projects have been implemented in low to moderate income neighborhoods in the last eight years through grants and fundraising efforts procured by Neighborhood Alliance
  • Over 1100 citizens are educated annually through our community workshops on topics that help citizens positively impact their community
  • 67 OKC neighborhoods have volunteer Neighborhood Crime Patrol programs working side by side with OCPD in cutting residential crime
  • Over 175 neighborhoods have active Crime Watch programs where neighbors watch out for each other and report suspicious activity greatly reducing residential crime
  • 30 Citizens graduate from the 7-week Neighborhood Leaders for Today program (in its 20th  year) and go on to become civic leaders, state elected officials, nationally recognized neighborhood leaders,  and better informed citizens
  • Previously disenfranchised citizens are brought to the table by actively recruiting them in long range City planning meetings, zoning discussions that affect their neighborhood, crime prevention efforts and volunteer social  service programs that allow them to assist their neighbors in need
  • OKC Neighborhoods benefit from the strong connections maintained by Neighborhood Alliance with OKC City Council, the Mayor’s office, OKC City Departments, the OKC Police Department, the OKC Public Schools Administration and many other non-profits and private entities in an effort to support neighborhoods and their individual goals.


 “In Oklahoma City Neighborhood Associations are just one step below City Council in the importance of running this City.  Their volunteers assist neighbors in times of need, they beautify our public green spaces, they help curb residential crime and participate in the planning and development of our City.  Neighborhood Alliance is at the heartbeat of this City with programming to support these much needed civic organizations.” 

 Mayor Mick Cornett, July 2012