About the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma

Safe and healthy neighborhoods are places that provide opportunities, resources and an environment that children, youth and adults need to maximize their life outcomes.  They include high quality schools, safe and affordable housing, thriving commercial establishments, access to quality health services, parks and recreation amenities, and social bonds between neighbors.  Unfortunately, thousands of Central Oklahoma residents still live in distressed neighborhoods, where a combination of crime, poverty, unemployment, poor health, struggling schools, inadequate housing stock, and apathy can keep people from reaching their full potential.  These neighborhoods can see change, but it takes nurturing and constant support of the residents from trusted advisors for success.  Neighborhood Alliance is that trusted advisor.

If we expect volunteers to help us make meaningful changes in our communities we must give them the resources to accomplish their goals.  For over 35 years Neighborhood Alliance has been successful at helping residents create sustainable change through our educational and support programs.  Our training and connections allow neighborhood leaders to work alongside Police, Fire, School Administrators, City Officials, Corporations, other Non-Profits and Foundations in order to improve their neighborhood.

We are building a better Central Oklahoma by empowering and educating citizens to become neighborhood leaders.